What Do I Want To Do Today? Win Free Stuff

There is a very cute little shop near where I live called The Burlap Bag.

They stock local, handmade items.

You know that’s right up my alley. (don’t click that if you’re tired of my shameless self-promotion)

Since visiting their shop back in February, I started following their blog (linked up above).  They have a lot of advice and how-tos that are, for lack of a better phrase, totes adorbs.  Like this:

It’s a giant matchstick box made out of a mason jar.

OMG, you guys know how I feel about mason jars, but this is super cute.  Also, FIRE!

(click the pic to get to the post)

Anydizzle, they recently offered a giveaway.  On a lark (what does that even mean?  Guess we’ll explore that in the next blog post), I decided to enter.

I’m not even going to bother trying to make this suspenseful since the title of this post gives it away.

So, yes, I WON!

Y’all.  I’m not the girl who wins things.  I just don’t.  I have the luck of the Irish in the sense that I’d probably have died in their potato famine, if you know what I mean.  But maybe everything’s coming up Erin now, because I actually won!

Here’s what’s even better – the prize is perfect for me.  I’m not even joking.

Ok, ok, so what did I win?


That probably doesn’t tell you anything.

I won an entry into this:

Y’ALL.  Remember my birthday last year?  This is going to be great!  Especially since I had actually gotten to where I could run the distance of a 5k, but I tore my calf muscle before I could actually participate in a 5k. Then I tore some tendons in my ankle.  And now I’m just lazy.  So, what a great way to actually give myself the motivation to get back in to running and actually run a 5k!

I’m so excited!

The mister is going to join me and we’d love to get a group together – formally or informally. We just want to run around with a big group of friends out there.  Also, knowing us, we’ll probably have a big ol’ party afterwards.

Here’s the site if you’d like to join: http://www.colormerad.com/

If the thought of a 5k scares the heebie-jeebies out of you, I promise, you can do it!  Honestly, if I can, I know you can.   I used the couch-to-5k program the first time around and will definitely be using it this time.

Reply to this post if you want to join us!  Or just reply if you want to tell us why it’s crazy to run.  Or just reply.  I love hearing from you.

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6 thoughts on “What Do I Want To Do Today? Win Free Stuff

  1. I’m doing the one in Houston! I’m so excited!!! And speaking of Mason jars, I just reorganized my pantry using Mason jars. Stupid Pinterest.

    • That’s awesome, Maureen!! You have to promise to show pics!

      Haha, yes, OMG, I think I secretly love Mason jars, I just hate the cupcakes and oatmeal in Mason jar trends. In fact, I bought a bag of Mason jars at a thrift store for $6. I got like 8 large Mason jars and 4 small ones. Yeah, I’m on that bandwagon.

  2. :D Congrats! Erin, I love your blog and great ideas. I always enjoy them so much. I didn’t respond to your tiger eyes post I read a while back, but what I wanted to say is that you should consider offering the world hair and make up ideas, too! The tiger eyes would be what everyone is talking about at the MAC kiosks! Anyway, this looks super fun!