What Do I Want To Do Today? Finally Give My Mom A Mother’s Day Gift

Since I am a terrible daughter, I just sent my mom her Mother’s Day gift last Friday.

I mean, I CALLED her on Mother’s Day.  What else can a sweet, loving woman who worked hard to raise three kids to be productive, grateful, thoughtful, non-selfish members of society (all while getting a Master’s degree) expect?

Apparently, not much.

She hates tattoos so it’s not like she’d appreciate something like this. So what else is a girl to do? My (untatted) arm is twisted here.

All of my horrible neglect aside, I’ve known for quite a while what I wanted to make for her: A Teacher’s Survival Kit.

I filled it with some things she likes and attached little handmade tags explaining how each item will help her.  Luckily she’s got one week left of school so I hope she can put this stuff to good use.

Here are some photos of the little kit I made for my mom (clicking the pic makes it bigger!):

One of my favorite things were the ‘STOP TALKING’ business cards that I made.  Unfortunately, I didn’t think up the idea on my own.  I know, total sadface.  In fact, I found them at Paper Source (you can see them here), but I thought it was ridiculous to pay $10 for 25 cards (see, my mama raised me right). So I made them myself.

I changed the font and packaging because I wanted to do something a little different, but they’re printed on heavy cardstock so they’re really sturdy.  They were a lot of fun to make so, if anyone wants cards with some kind of command on them, I’ll gladly sell you 30 for $5. Just got to my contact page and shoot me a message.

Heck, shoot me a message just because.  I love to hear from people.

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