What Do I Want To Do Today? Bask In The Glow Of Technology (And Try Not To Pee Myself Over It)

The mister and I went to Costco today for a seemingly innocuous shopping trip.  Well, as innocuous as 400 lbs of kitty litter, 180 lbs of shrimp, 800 ziploc bags, 40 dozen eggs, 25 lbs of chicken, and American excess can be. Just kidding, we didn’t get any chicken.

Though I did consider buying an 8 pack of cakes. Oh, gluttony thy name is EVERY AMERICAN EVER.


As we were walking around, I joked, like I do every time we come to Costco, that we should get a TV.  Real quick bit of background: I hate our TV.  Andy hates our TV.  Everyone hates our TV.  There, I said it.

It looks like this:

Yup, that beaut right there is a 27 inch CRT. Has it’s original remote and everything. Real classic piece and bonus, it’ll only take up half of your living room.

So considering the… maturity… and… experience… of our TV, you can see why we joke about it. But, it’s always joking (even saying we hate the TV is joking.  Come on, it’s me; I joke about everything) and I’ve never really considered life with any TV other than the one we have (we’ve had this TV for, as you can imagine, roughly 1,000 years).

Back to the Costco thing – we’re walking around, I’ve made my joke about buying a wildly expensive picture box and turn to the mister expecting him to joke back.  Today he says, “Maybe.”


I stop and look at him.  You know, one of those steely-eyed looks that says, “You better not be shitting me and also what does “Maybe,” mean?”

I start to walk on and he says we should go look at the TVs.


I sigh.  He’s messing with me.  FINE.  I’ll humor my mister and walk over to the stupid TVs because there is no way we can afford to pick up what Costco is puttin’ down.

We walk over to the 3D tvs.  Ok, definitely no worries.  Ain’t no way we could afford that business.

And he says, “Hmm, this LG 3D TV is on sale.  What do you think of it?”

“Umm… I dunno.  It’s expensive.” I mumble, starting to get really uncomfortable because I don’t know what game we’re playing.

He says we should get it.


“WHAT??” I say.

He repeats that we should get the LG 3D TV because it’s on sale and he’s saved a little bit of money and we can get it now.


“WHAT??” I repeat, clearly I’m all eloquence today.

I start making excuses.  I mean, it’s 3D and that’s weird and I hate glasses and how will we get it home and are you sure about the money and I don’t have a job and we’ve never had a new TV and are you sure it will fit in the car and it’s 3D and that’s weird and I hate glasses… Basically, I just started a verbal loop until he stopped me and said that everything was fine.  We could get it.  Was I ok with that?

“Um… Ok.”

And then I hyperventilated for the rest of the trip.

I know it’s just a TV.  A thing.  And things aren’t what matter.  I think my excitement is more about how fun and sweet it was that he would surprise me like that.  Since I lost my job we don’t splurge a lot (it might seem like we do because of things like this, but that was actually bought with money I received as a gift).  I do have to admit that it’s nice to have a TV that doesn’t take up so much room and puts off a picture that doesn’t actually hurt our eyes.  I can’t wait to put it on the wall so it’s out of the way.  Now that we’ll have all that space, maybe I can find another comfy chair for the living room… maybe I should repaint the walls, too….  OH GOD… I should stop now.

Since that was a long and possibly boring story for anyone other than…say… me.  I’m going to do the rest of this post in really bad pics (sorry I was excited) and I’ll try to keep that short:

Maybe next time I go to Costco I should joke about getting an Xbox Kinect.

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2 thoughts on “What Do I Want To Do Today? Bask In The Glow Of Technology (And Try Not To Pee Myself Over It)

  1. James and I flipped out pretty seriously when we bought our flatscreen also! It’s been a few years now, but I remember! And you’ll never want to go back to the old school CRT screens again, for anything. We have one upstairs, and it only started getting used again last year…when I was given my own Xbox for Christmas so I could game whenever I want without waiting for James to be done with his own quests…

    And yes, you need a Kinect!! You would love it!