What Do I Want To Do Today? Make An Advent Calendar

I’m going to keep this post short, not because I have a lot to do like I did the other day, but because it’s Friday and I’m LAAAZZZY.

For the record, I LURVV decorating for any holiday. ANY.  Wow, I’ve clearly had way too much caffeine today so you’ll be getting a lot of misspellings (all on purpose, Mom!) and words in caps.  Lucky you.

Now, I’m not like some crazy lady who keeps a Christmas tree in her house year round and just decorates it for the different seasons or holidays or Flag Day or whatever. That is boring.  And lazy.  Not that I’m above being lazy (see first sentence of this blog), but that’s just a shade lazier than I want to ever laze myself into.

Unless the Christmas tree looks like this. Then maybe we can talk.

But, getting back to the whole “I love to decorate and thus really get into any holiday that allows me to do so” thing, this year for Christmas I decided that I just just HAD TO HAVE an advent calendar.  I’m not even really sure what they’re for, but the mister had never even seen one so that meant he was obviously missing something really grand from his life and I’d be a remiss if I didn’t force him (lovingly!) to experience the joys of adventing.

So yes, we would have an advent calendar this year.  One that I made.  With fun stuff in it.  That looked cool.  Maybe it would fly!  Just kidding. I’m an overachiever, not delusional.

I “borrowed” several different ideas from a search of advent calendars on pinterest and came up with this:

I purchased little red envelopes (size #1 envelopes) and the wee little clothespins from Paper Source.  Through several tests involving stickers and stamps and different inks and whatnot, I found that the envelopes looked best when they were hand stamped with black ink. I printed the daily advents (is that what I should call it?) on cardstock I already had and then used my corner rounder to make them look a little cuter.  I already had a giganto spool of red and white baker’s twine so I used that to hang the envelopes.  Simple, but even so the mister has already been pretty excited with the first two days of advent calendaring. To be fair, the first day’s advent card said to celebrate his birthday, so I guess I’d be pretty excited too if I were him.