What Do I Want To Do Today? Get Horny (Unicorn Style)

It’s been a while since I’ve posted.  I guess I’ll have to suck it up and eat crow.

Jon Snow

Gross! Not that kind of Crow!

You know nothing, Jon Snow!

Disgustingness aside, I recently helped a very awesome and dear friend plan her 30th Birthday Unicorn-a-thon Bonanza Super Fun Party Time (TM).

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What Do I Want To Do Today? Stop. Collaborate & Listen

$20 says you have that song in your head now.

Oh, wait… now it’s in my head, too. :(

Nelson Ha-ha

Reverse ha ha.

But what does it even mean?  Honestly, how does one stop AND collaborate AND listen at the same time?  Because that’s essentially what Mr. Ice is asking us to do.

Oh V-Ice, I don’t get you.  Also, V-Ice is the most unfortunate name ever.  I blame you for not fully thinking through your choice of rapper names.

And I only used your stupid really intelligent song lyrics because they held a tenuous connection to my topic today:

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What Do I Want To Do Today? Get Gummy Bears Drunk


There is a terrible travesty happenin’ up in hurr (“up in hurr” means the internets).

This recipe has been floating around:

gummy bearsClick the pretty colors to fly to another land.

Now why would I, someone who keeps willingly posting this photo of herself:

erin hat

Will someone (mister) just buy me this damn fancy hat already so I can stop whining about it?

clearly showing I’m probably inebriated (now and then), have a problem with drunk gummy bears??

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What Do I Want To Do Today? Muse Over The Things I Learned About Myself Recently

This past weekend I went to a bachelorette party.  We rented a house right on the river in Gruene, Texas and drank and partied and danced and played on the water.  Basically, we just stayed blitzed for a whole weekend.  It was a lot of fun and a much needed break.

Now that I’ve gone through a weekend bachelorette party (which I had never done before), I think it is impossible for anyone to participate in that ritual and not learn at least one or two things about themselves.  Bachelorette/bachelor parties teach you about your tolerances and intolerances, your suitcase packing abilities, and your priorities.

I thought it would be interesting to share what I learned about myself:

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What Do I Want To Do Today? Surprise! (My Mom)

For my mom’s 65th birthday I threw her a surprise party.

Um, sorry I just told everyone how old you are, Mama.  Love you!

Soo anywhatsit, I wanted to throw a party that I thought would be perfect for my mom: a small gathering with just her children (and their spouses whom she considers children) and grandchildren, pretty colors and flowers, and her all-time favorite game, Scrabble.

You say it like that’s an awesome thing.

Which is good ’cause it is.

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What Do I Want To Do Today? Share Baby Shower Pictures

This past weekend seeherknit and I hosted a baby shower for our friend, Amanda.

It was a book themed shower held at an Italianate-style villa turned art museum, called Laguna Gloria.  Specifically, we were in a large room called the Solarium.  It was originally an open, second floor porch but later had been closed in and fitted with wall to wall windows.

What I love about the Solarium is the feel of the room – it’s very 1920s with black and white tile floors, light green brick walls, and interesting light fixtures.  It just has an out of time feel and I thought it would be perfect for the shower.

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What Do I Want To Do Today? Reveal the Gender… Reveal Party Pics

So, there’s this party I was planning that I kind of went on and on about (yup, three different links there) but in a totally unhelpful and annoying way.  So…

let’s recap:

  • my friend is all in the family way n’ stuff
  • she wanted me to help with a gender reveal party
  • umm… my friend is pregnant so I’m kind of going to plan that party for her so she doesn’t have to stress over dumb shit like font types and decorations and whatnot
  • So I planned a gender reveal party for my friend.

Now on to the pictures because I know reading is so hard (unless it’s the Hunger Games series, that shit is a fast read, yo).

You’ll see that I was pretty heavy handed with the red and turquoise, but I think it actually came across well as opposed to over done.

Oh, and I’m going to make you read more.  Sorry.

In the living room: As I was creating decorations it seemed that, in addition to a red and turquoise theme, a circle motif started evolving, too.  I sewed hand-cut red and turquoise circles into several strands and hung them above our girl vs. boy tally chalkboard and boy or girl pins for everyone to wear.  The bookcase held spray painted baby blocks along with paper and pencils for anyone who wanted to suggest a name for the baby.  It was pretty hilarious to see what people wanted to name the baby.  I’m just going to have to boast that my name choice, ‘Oprah Hawking,’ won for best suggestion. On the main wall I did something different and actually put paper plates on it. Yes, I really did that.  Then on the ceiling I hung paper zig-zag strands.

In the kitchen:  My main focus for the kitchen was finding a way to incorporate the oven clip art that we had on the invitation, but I also wanted to add a really interesting design piece for the food table. For that piece, I created about 55 paper rosettes in red, turquoise, and red with white polka dots and hot glued them to three foam core boards to create a large backdrop for the table.  On the table, I used red and turquoise linens and made sure that the serving pieces all matched with the theme.  I spray painted cake stands to match and hand cut turquoise doilies to go on them. The real pièce de résistance is the cardboard replica I made of the oven from the invitation. Then I also designed some signs to go up the kitchen that incorporated the bun in the oven clip art, too.  I’m particularly happy with the fridge one – I thought of it at 2 in the morning one night and knew I had to make it.

For the backyard: I wanted the party to mix and mingle through three areas – the living room, the kitchen, and the backyard.  Unfortunately I didn’t get a lot of photos of the backyard itself, so the photos I am posting are from the photobooth.  I’m using a couple to give a sense of the backyard and to show off some of the props we had for the photobooth.  To note, I put up red and turquoise tissue balls in the trees and set up several areas of chairs and side tables (covered with red and turquoise linens) in addition to the turquoise backdrop for the photobooth. The photobooth had a mix of handmade props and random stuff from around my house and seeherknit’s house. Also we took a group photo of the guests who thought the baby would be a girl and a group photo of the guests who thought the baby would be a boy.

The actual gender reveal: Here are a couple of pics from the moment when we all found out the baby’s gender.  Isn’t this the cutest couple you have ever seen in your life?? 

What Do I Want To Do Today? Annoy You With Another Teaser Pic.

Yup.  Full steam ahead.  Party ahoy. Another ship metaphor.

I’m still busy, busy, busy like a bee so here’s a blurry pic of one of the things I’ve been working on:

Don’t you just love me?

Also, funny story: I thought I had a horrible bruise on my leg.  Turns out it was just glue.


What Do I Want To Do Today? Be A Bit Of A Tease

Well, darlings, I’ve been a busy bee here lately since I’m trying to get everything together for the gender reveal party.

As such, this is going to be a short post. I know, you just died a little inside, didn’t you?

I can’t show you exactly what I’ve been working on, but here is a teaser pic.

Oh, and because this amused me, check this out:

13 Simple Steps To Get You Through A Rough Day


What Do I Want To Do Today? Make A Tooth-Shaped Cookie Cutter

For a party I recently planned, I determined that I needed a tooth-shaped cookie cutter.  No, I’m not going to say why I would need something like that for a party, just know that I did and without it there would have been no joy in the world.  Also, I’m positive your imagination is about a thousand and twelve times more interesting than the real reason I decided it was so important to have something so kind of ridiculous.

As we all know, the internet has everything, even cookie cutters forged into human molar shape.  However, since the party I was planning was last minute (as in, my friend and I decided on a Tuesday that we’d have a party for that upcoming Saturday) it wouldn’t have gotten to me in time if I had ordered one.  Bonus, none of the stores in my area had a cookie cutter even resembling what I needed.

What’s a girl to do?

Consult the Oracle at Delphi?

Nah, I hear she moved out. Can you blame her? I mean, look at that place – it’s a wreck.

Consult the Oracle?

Nah, she’ll just tell me that I’m not the One and that I need braces.

Consult Oracle?

Now why would anyone do that?

Stop goofing around and do a Google search?

Yeah, that’s right.

I found a lot of tutorials on how to make a cookie cutter (if you are so inclined, here is a Google search) and here is the one I used: http://blog.jugglingfrogs.com/2007/10/make-your-own-cookie-cutter-from-clip.html

The lady at that blog does a pretty good job of explaining the process, so I’ll just post the pics of what I did and explain a little so that it (hopefully) makes sense:

Here are a couple of pics from the cookie making process:

And for a couple more sad-faced teeth and giggles, here are some other things I put together for the party: