What Do I Want To Do Today? Handmake Things

For photo-a-day number two, the subject is “handmade.”

Here’s my photo for the day:


 This is a project I’m working on with a friend.

Handmade, of course.

In other news, I killed an air plant.  An AIR PLANT.  It survives on AIR and I managed to kill it.

I’m not fit for life, y’all.

What Do I Want To Do Today? Go On Vacay

Yes, I use words like “vacay.”


liz lemon angels

Yeah, I’m totally not rubbing it in.

Sorry I haven’t been posting, I’ve been getting crazy amounts of orders and/or planning for my trip.  Clearly, I haven’t been spending any time making up reasons why I’m not posting otherwise I would have come up with something better, like that I took a job as Captain Picard’s assistant but quit when I realized it was just Patrick Stewart.  Or that I directed reenactments of every episode of Days of Our Lives using only Rhesus monkeys.

I’ll post more when I get back!


What Do I Want To Do Today? Get Gummy Bears Drunk


There is a terrible travesty happenin’ up in hurr (“up in hurr” means the internets).

This recipe has been floating around:

gummy bearsClick the pretty colors to fly to another land.

Now why would I, someone who keeps willingly posting this photo of herself:

erin hat

Will someone (mister) just buy me this damn fancy hat already so I can stop whining about it?

clearly showing I’m probably inebriated (now and then), have a problem with drunk gummy bears??

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What Do I Want To Do Today? Return From My Unannounced Hiatus

I recently took some time off to attend the SXSW Music Festival (and by attend I mean day-drink, dance my face off, and party from 12pm – 2am for a week).

It’s a charmed life I live, y’all.

Just know that if you attempt a week of Bacchanalian excess, at first it will seem like this:

IMG_20130313_184256Shiny and new.

And then after a week it kinda feels like this:


Pretty awesome, y’all.

I was going to post something before I left, and then leave some animated gif for you to watch for a week while I was gone, but

  1. I post enough damn gifs as it is and that’s just mean.
  2. I’m lazy.
  3. Then I was too drunk.

So I’m finally back and ready to roll.  Because walking still hurts.

What did y’all do for Spring Break?  Pics or it didn’t happen.


What Do I Want To Do Today? Shut Up And Give Someone My Money

I know that you are all just going crazy to find out who won my recent contest.


 I hope this whole animated gif trend NEVER DIES.

Also, someone please buy me Hulk smash hands.

erin hat

And one of these fancy sombreros, too.

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What Do I Want To Do Today? Walk It Out (and stuff)

This past Saturday, my friends and I did the Color Me Rad 5K. It was pretty amazeballs.

Yeah, I still use that word.

Seriously, where else (except India) can you run around and have beautiful colored powders thrown at you?  Actually, my foot ligaments are messed up so I had to walk the 5k.  I guess I should have written it as: Seriously, where else (except India) can you walk at an annoyingly (to everyone walking with you) brisk pace because you really want to run but can’t and have beautiful colored powders thrown at you?

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